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Veröffentlicht 29.03.2005, 17:57 - 000 - in "Crane for stabilization work" - [291]
We have been contracted to stabilize and rehabilitation historic structures in the State of Wyoming. We are attempting to provide specifications on a crane to facilitate the stabilization work. Please provide the specifications (crane class, lifting radius, etc.) for a crane capable to lift a minimum load of 3,500 lbs. to the center of a building that is 40 feet high and 80 feet from the exterior wall.

Your assistance will be appreciated.


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Veröffentlicht 30.03.2005, 13:47 - 001 - in "Crane for stabilization work" - [293]

In my calculation you would need a crane in the class of approx 100 tons. Referring to your parameters a boom length (main + jib) of approx 170 ft is needed. The working radius will be approx 130 ft.

For your final planning please contact a local crane rental company to make that sure all circumstances on site will be considered.

I hope this answer is helpful for you.

Best regards


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